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How Online Grocery Shopping Promote a Greener Environment

Online grocery apps have taken the internet by storm. These apps have created the possibility of getting fresh groceries delivered to the doorstep, which saves a significant amount of time and effort. No wonder why the term instashop is gaining popularity.

Apart from the comfort factor, shopping for groceries online also largely contributes to a greener environment.

Wondering how? Let us find out.

Environmental Benefits Of Online Grocery Shopping:

  • Significantly Reduces Air Pollution

In most cases, we take our own vehicles when we head for grocery shopping, be a local market or a big one like the Yalla market. While ordering online eliminates the challenges of carrying a heavy load in a public vehicle.

Taking our vehicles out for a grocery shopping trip increases air pollution. If we order groceries online, only one vehicle will be used by the delivery service to drop items to multiple households. This will drastically drop the emission of harmful fumes that contribute to air pollution.

  • No Plastic Bags

Yes, the world is moving towards the eco-friendly options of using paper bags instead of plastic ones. However, sadly, not everyone in the local grocery market runs on the same principle. A large majority of grocery shops still actively use and distribute plastic bags. 

The online grocery app either uses paper bags or reusable totes for food delivery that can be recycled on the next delivery. Switching to online shopping will drastically reduce the usage of plastic bags. 

  • New Technology¬†

In the near future, online shopping apps will entirely eliminate the use of vehicles by delivering orders through drones. Some companies and countries are already doing a test run. Doing so will cause a big dip in the air pollution levels. Adding to that, the delivery time will also decrease as external factors like traffic will be eliminated. 

  • Delivery directly from the Seller

In many cases of online grocery shopping, the platform delivers the items directly from the Seller to the customer. This saves the additional cost of the Seller visiting the warehouse and acquiring the items before selling them off which would unnecessarily increase the transportation and carbon emissions. This means by switching to online shopping, you are contributing largely towards a pollution-free environment. 

  • Grocery Pooling

Grocery pooling is an excellent concept where you order groceries in bulk for yourself and your neighbors. This eliminates the need for each household to drive to the grocery store to buy items. Be it getting fresh juice, fruits or daily supply of bread & milk, you can order things in bulk. 

Imagine how much air pollution can be prevented if done on a monthly basis. 

Conclusion: The Bottom Line

With Global Warming and other environmental issues on the rise, each one of us must be willing to do our bit to make things better. Switching to online grocery shopping is an excellent way of doing your bit to make efforts for a greener future.

It drastically lowers the air pollution caused by frequent visits to the grocery store. Also, it lessens the use of plastic bags, which are a big concern.

Plus, you get attractive offers and discounts. Imagine all this without having to leave the comfort of your house. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? It’s time to make the switch.

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