Theunjob App reviews The Best Strategies To Rank Your App Better!

The Best Strategies To Rank Your App Better!

When you are building an app for the first time, there are several factors to look out for. Primarily, the app developer will focus on how he can make the best possible app that caters to the present as well as the emerging needs of the user. Also, the developer will pay attention to weeding out all possible kinds of bugs so that the app feels refined, unlike some apps that have a public release that looks like their beta version.

Once you release your app, you must run into this doubt – how to help your app rank higher? Well, that is where app store optimization comes into play. App Store Optimization(ASO) refers to the implementation of certain metrics and tools to help your app rank higher in the app market(i.e Apple App Store – where they are published.) This is where you can avail yourself of the services of top app store optimization companies.  The top app store optimization companies have got what it takes to help your app get that top position and maintain that position too!


Tips to boost your app’s growth and how the top app store optimization companies do it!

  • Keyword Research: Keyword research forms an important part of app store optimization. It is known that Apple’s app store has got rigid policies regarding posting reviews. If we delve into their policies, it becomes clear that each app review is manually checked before they are posted. With keyword research done by the top app store optimization companies, relevant, high-ranking keywords are appropriately implemented into your app’s description, metadata, maybe even the title and short description too!
  • Rank improvement checking: It might be so that your app presently is listed under only one category. But if a market still lays untapped just because your app is not ranked in the other categories, then it is surely a point of total loss for you. It is like a big bowl of food sitting on the table – untouched.
  • Improving the visual elements: Visual elements always need to be attractive because what catches the eye also catches the soul. So things that are present on the app’s page like screenshots displaying the app’s features, app icon, etc also contribute to the popularity of the app, as well the ranking of the app.
  • Reviews: One of the most important factors that are considered by the app store’s algorithm as well as real human users before installing or purchasing an app. The top app store optimization companies have teams of writers who will write reviews in your favour, in bulk, because only a huge volume of reviews can influence the ratings. To be noted, your app must be worth the service. You cannot give an unpolished app and request them to write in your favour.

Thus, it can be said that although the top app store optimization companies can help you in improving your ranks, you are the one who will decide what happens with your product!


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