Tips for boosting the aso for android app

With more than 5 million apps in the market and you being a newbie to the competition can make it a little difficult for you while launching your app. You’re all new to this business and app marketing. Suppose you’re wondering where to start. We suggest  best aso services are the best for your app.

But what are aso services?

Aso services, aka app store optimization services, are a type of marketing tool that is a relatively new concept for digital marketing. It uses different techniques which increase the app’s visibility and popularity. This ultimately gives your app more organic downloads and conversion rates.

Might you wonder if paid UA campaigns do the same thing? But the truth is they are quite different. While paid UA drives all the traffic towards your app page, users ultimately need to be convinced to download it. This optimization of the app page is done by aso. 

Aso is like a do or dies for your app.

Tips for optimizing aso for android app:

So, you’ve launched your app in the app stores, while launching the app in both the app stores seem profitable but right optimization according to the app store is crucial, we give you a few tips for optimizing aso for android app:

Ask for more user reviews:

According to research, 83% of the customers find online reviews more trustful while downloading the app. Good reviews mean more conversion rates. But how can you get more reviews?

Using an app review plugin helps you with more reviews. Asking a trustful user to spend some time reviewing the app, with a pop-up notification after the app is used for a specified number of times and reviews.

Try influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is the new trend right now in marketing. It’s highly effective and highly influential on people. When their favorite influencer reviews your product, not necessarily a positive one but an honest review, it gives the customers trust and a positive mindset while downloading the app.

Create a demo video:

While optimizing aso for android app, try to make 60 seconds videos that show what exactly your app is, although 60 seconds is less time, convincing the customer to use the app at the end can be done in many ways. Show your app’s functionality, user interface, the concept in the app preview. Being creative is the key.

Enable google firebase for your android app:

By enabling google firebase for your application, you permit your app content to be visible in google search engine even when the user hasn’t downloaded it yet. This is like an advertising tool and helps in giving a new install rate.  

Use backlinks:

Indexing your app(backlinks) with a google search engine, social media platforms, even through email, helps you bring more traffic to your app page, which you’ve never expected.

Conclusion :

Both app stores have their own hidden set of factors and algorithms, but no one knows precisely what they are. Google play store is considered a little more complicated than the iOS app store, and yet you have more factors for optimizing aso for android app.


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