Theunjob Business Understanding the concept of Negotiating a Higher Salary

Understanding the concept of Negotiating a Higher Salary

One of the best parts of landing a job as a fresher is knowing that you will soon earn money and be independent. However, freshers often do not end up getting the salary that they desire. This mostly happens due to a lack of salary negotiation skills. 
This article is for all the freshers who are looking for a new job and want to ace the salary negotiation round. The sections below will also highlight the importance of using industry salary insights apps like Grapevine in the modern era. 

Hacks to ace the salary negotiation round in an interview:

  • Know the market rates.

Before going to the call, you must spend some time researching the salary the competitors and other companies in the industry are giving to freshers for the same role. In short, you need to know the online industry gossip to get an idea about the salary range. 
Once you know the market rate, you are in a comfortable position to negotiate. Also, once the interview panels know that you are aware of the market rate, they will provide more genuine offers. You can know the market rates using apps like Grapevine.

  • Salary based on job location

While looking for the standard company rates, you must also consider the job location. The salary for the same role can differ according to the job site. Usually, the salary is higher in tier 1 cities than in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. For example, the engineer salary insights for a city like Mumbai will be different from those for a tier 2 city like Indore. Do not negotiate without knowing about the location-based salary rates.

  • Use your qualifications to the fullest

When you are sitting for the salary negotiation round, make sure you highlight your education level. Having a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. can help boost one’s salary. 
You can also point out your internship, which gives you an edge over the other candidates in the market. Plus, having extra certifications in the same field as the job role can also help. If you do not highlight these factors, you won’t get the right salary. 

  • Have multiple offers in hand

If you have more than one offer in hand, you can leverage that situation and take the driving seat in the negotiation round. Use the offers and the information from Indian industry gossip to compare the deals during the interview, which can force the HR to increase the salary, especially if they are keen on getting you onboard. Create a strong resume so you get multiple interview calls. Also, if you ace the interviews, you will have multiple offers in hand. 


Getting the right salary is not a matter of luck or chance. You need to know the proper negotiation skills to ace that part of the interview. Use the tips and tricks mentioned in the article to get the salary that you deserve. Also, remember to use a salary insights app like Grapevine to stay ahead of the competition. Be it to discover engineering or finance career options, Grapevine will act as the best career guide.

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