About App Store Optimization

The untold scenario

Many people think that developing the app is an easy task. It is definitely not easy and what’s more hard is making people download your app. Everyday almost 5000 new apps are submitted in the Play Store and about a thousand in the iOS Store. On top of that, there are already 2.5 million apps in the Play Store and another 1 million plus app sin the iOS Store alone. In such a crowded place, you can only think of the ever prevailing competition. Making an app successful is like cracking the IAS exams. Only few can do it and it takes a lot of hard work and effort. Again, these app markets are already dominated by certain apps and these apps utilize a major chunk of Android and iOS users. Apps like Whatsapp, Swigy already have millions and millions of users and in such a scenario, if you release another social advertising app or say another shopping of food ordering app, chances are there that all your hard work will go in vain unless your app is exceptionally good. This poses a major threat to new developers who launch their apps in the app market. They are made to compete against pre-existing apps which probably have millions of users already. As a result, many new apps go unnoticed and in few weeks, they are eventually removed out of the Play Store or the iOS Store. Unless you take some viable measures, it is very tough to compete in the app market. To help you out, we will talk about a method that you can certainly rely on to improve your app ranking and thereby enhance your app business.

Search optimization

You might have heard a lot about search engine optimization. This is usually done for webpages so that it can appear on the top of the search results. Whenever people will search for a keyword associated with your app, the search result will redirect to your webpage. The same scenario applies to the Play Store and the iOS Store. Just like website optimization, there is a process called app search optimization which is meant to improve your app ranking and enhance your app search results. Let us see how it works. As the word suggests, you basically optimize your app such that whenever a person searches regarding your app/related app, they will see your app at the top of the results.

 Basically, you allot few keywords for your app. Let us say you have an app that is used to look for buses and public transport available in an area. So, when optimizing your app, you will select keywords like “bus”, “travel”, “booking”, “transport” and few more. Now, when a person will search the App Store with a keyword, “Bus”, then your app will come at the top of the result page. Interesting right?

But why to optimize your app?

Well, by default the search list of the app store is governed by two things. The app installs/downloads or the app ratings. You can already imagine that the top results will be of apps with lots of installs and good ratings. Then where does it leave the new apps? Probably these new apps might never come up in any of the searches and due to these the new apps might never increase their number of installs. This is why you should optimize your app for the search list. Doing it will make sure that you are in the competition and that there are enough possibilities for your app to get good installs and ratings.

Where to go for search optimization?

Now, this is important right. Well, there are few ways of search optimization of your app and these ways are very to follow. The first task is selecting keywords. This is a really crucial step and care should be taken while selecting these keywords. There are web services like keywords.cc which recommend keywords based on search engine trends. These services can be used to fix keywords that are sure to be used. The next step is listing these keywords on your app description. While using your developer account, you might have come across segments asking you to describe your app. This is where the magic will happen. Make sure that you include all the keywords that has been recommended. This way your app is ready to be searched and top the lists of app.

There you are. Now you know how to optimize your app for better search visibility. Make sure that you follow these steps and we assure you that your app performance will definitely increase.

The new process can be confusing to a whole lot of you. But think no more. There are several innovative aso services strategy in India that are dedicated to simplifying this horrific process for you. For small businesses, it is best to approach a good or a top app store optimization company and have them develop marketing strategies for you.

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