Theunjob maney earning apps iOS App Install: Why are they important?

iOS App Install: Why are they important?

Your app installs determine the future of your app. Confused? Let us explain. Your app ranking depends upon the number of app installs. In general, the more the number of installs, the higher your app’s ranking will be. The top performing app have large number of app installs. Now, in a competitive place like iOS App Store, if your app remains low in ranking, there are chances that no one will notice your app and maybe after few weeks, you might have to remove your app honest money earning app. 

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When anyone searches for an app, the search results display the app in order of the number of installs or in other words, popularity. Now, if your app installs are good, your app will be in top results and so people will more likely download your app. But if your installs are low, then your app will not be displayed in the results, and even if it appears, it will mostly be quite down in the list. This means that your app visibility will be quite low due to which you might never rise up the chart. 

What can be done? 

Now you know that app installs are really important and are a determining part of your app’s success. We know that gaining limelight is very hard in iOS store especially when your app is new in the competition. You need to compete with new comers as well as the top performers in the app store. But worry not. There are infact a lot of ways by which you can improve your app installs. The first and most important thing is marketing. Invest some amount in marketing your app. This might be a media marketing or through blogs and articles. Do whatever you can to improve your app’s presence in the market earn talk time app. 

Keep submitting your app for review in top app review sites. This will keep up your app’s buzz. You can also hire freelancers to rate and review your app and even install it. This will drastically improve your app’s rating and will also improve your app’s visibility in the iOS store. This is an ethical decision and you should be very sure if you want to try out this step. Just a word that this method is widely followed and almost every developer uses it. 

Whatever steps you follow, make sure you do everything to make your app stand out in the competition. Work on the design, the UI and launch monthly updates for your users to keep them interested money earned apps. When you create an app for iOS platform, you put it to iOS app store for review. The panel tests your apps for bugs and issues and then verifies if your app is unique or a counterfeit After your app has been submitted, it is uploaded in the iOS App Store. There in begins the competition. Your app stands in a queue of competitors. And it is to be said that unless people install your app, they can’t write reviews about it.Yes, you heard it right.

Happy coding! 

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