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Things To Know Before Applying For A Personal Loan Online

If you are applying for a personal loan online, then you should definitely be aware of the requirements that most lenders expect. Many lenders have similar requirements when it comes to quick loan applications; only very specific requirements will differ. 

Credit score, credit history, Income, Debt-to-income ratio, collateral, and repaying capability are the most common eligibility criteria that lenders require. Let’s look into detail:

Credit score

When you submit the instant business loan application, the main important eligibility criterion that lenders will be looking for is your credit score. It is the key factor that gives the lender the information they need about how trustable you are. Credit scores ranges from 300 to 900. 

This score is based on your payment history, outstanding debt, and length of credit history. Lenders require the borrowers to have at least 600 as their credit score to be eligible for personal loans. 

Only a few lenders don’t consider credit score as a major factor in providing loans. But most of the lenders check the credit score and then only look into the application.


Lenders usually check the income of borrowers to ensure that they can repay the loan every month by paying EMI or gold loan EMI on a date. Minimum income requirements may vary depending on the loan amount that the borrower requests. 

Many of the lenders or an easy loan app don’t enclose the minimum income requirements. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any. Every lender will have the income requirements they look for with the applicants to proceed with the personal loan. 

Evidence of income should be provided that includes income tax returns, bank statements, bank deposits, and payslips from the organization for which they are working. 

Debt to income ratio

It is nothing but the percentage of the borrower’s monthly income and the debts they have on small business loans for women. Debt to income ratio (DTI) is one of the important factors that lenders consider. DTI should be less than 36%, but some lenders may provide loans even if your DTI is 50% if it is for highly qualified applicants. 


If you are planning to get a secured personal loan, the lender will be asking for valuable assets or collateral. Many banks or NBFCs aren’t asking for any collateral for personal loans. 

But if you are getting a personal loan  or the best business loans with the pledge of valuable assets, ensure that you repay the EMI regularly. Otherwise, it will be considered an NPA, and the bank or NBFC will hold the ownership of your collateral and settle the remaining balance.


If you are denied a personal loan, always try to improve your credit score and settle up the other loans to reduce your credit history. Try to apply for a personal loan with one single lender. 

Multiple applications may also be the reasons for the rejection of a loan application. Personal loans are easy to get and flexible. Decide how much you want, know your purpose, and take a loan only for that, or else you will be paying interest for every penny you get from the bank. 

Most importantly, if you want a loan sooner, you can go for an online loan application to get faster loan approval.

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